7 Tips for Maximizing Comfort and Efficiency With Your Ductless Mini Split

Having a ductless mini split system keeps your home comfortable and cozy during the cold seasons and cools your home during the warm season. A ductless mini system is an exceptional heating and cooling system. If you’re not familiar with them, you might be wondering how efficient the system can be. Here are some tips for maximizing your comfort and efficiency with your ductless system in Louisville, KY.

1. Clear Snow and Ice From the Outdoor Unit

After a major storm, it’s usual for snow and ice to fall and cover the outdoor unit of the ductless system and interfere with its performance. When snow and ice cover the outdoor unit, the ductless system will work on melting the snow instead of channeling the energy to heating the house. Check your outdoor unit regularly and remove the snow, ice, leaves, debris and any materials that might be interfering with its performance.

2. Schedule Professional Maintenance

A ductless mini-split heating system is complex, and it needs regular maintenance to ensure everything is working well. Schedule regular maintenance and ensure a technician checks your ductless system in detail and cleans the air filters. With regular maintenance of your ductless mini-split system at least once per year, your system will work efficiently and keep your home comfortable.

3. Size the System Properly

For a ductless system to work efficiently, it needs to be the correct size with the correct number of individual units, and the size needs to be proportionate to your space, considering the number of rooms and insulation.

4. Insulate Your Home

The cold season can make your home too cold, which causes strain to the ductless mini-split system as it tries to make your home warmer. To increase the efficiency of the ductless system, you can insulate your home by ensuring the cold air stays outside and the heated air stays inside. Weather stripping should be added around doors and windows to seal against air leaks.

5. Maintain the Indoor Unit

The performance of the ductless mini-split system depends on the airflow, and therefore, you need to ensure the air getting into your house is free from dust and debris. To get clean air, you’ll have to clean your air filters regularly to prevent clogging. Most ductless have an indicator, which will light whenever your system needs cleaning, ensure you clean it properly to enhance efficiency.

6. Set Temperatures to Get Optimal Comfort

The temperature sensor of the ductless mini-split system is always located near the ceiling, where the temperatures are warmer than the rest of the house. The place is higher than where you would place the thermostat, making the temperature sensor read warmer temperatures than what you feel in the house. Therefore, to achieve optimal comfort, you may need to set temperatures higher than the temperature you set on the thermostat.

7. Set It and Forget It

When you set the ductless mini-split system at optimal temperatures then leave it without interference, it’ll work efficiently. Set your desired temperature, then set the ductless system at auto and direct warm air to the floor to allow the fan to adjust automatically. Unlike the traditional heating system where you’ll have to adjust the thermostat as you go to sleep and leave the house, the ductless mini-split system doesn’t require adjustments once you set it on auto.

Ductless mini split systems are becoming popular in homes, and they work effectively and efficiently when you maintain them well. If you need installation, maintenance, repair or upgrading services in Louisville, KY, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Birkhead Co.

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