AC Installation in Louisville, KY and Surrounding Areas including Southern Indiana

If you need a new HVAC unit, call the experts who can replace your old model with a high-performing new one. At Birkhead Co., we can unhook, remove, and replace your old HVAC system so your home can start cooling down fast. Our service technicians have years of installation experience, making it easy for us to quickly install and turn on your new air conditioning unit with minimal trouble.

We can also make recommendations on which HVAC models would work best for you, so you can lower your energy bills and stay cool without breaking the bank.

Professional and Fast Air Conditioning Installation

At Birkhead, we respect your time and know that you don’t have all day to wait for the HVAC company and to make sure your unit is installed properly. We strive to arrive at your home or office on time and will give you plenty of notice if we are running late.

When our technicians are working on your new HVAC unit, they will always be respectful of your space. Before the work is complete, our team members will clean up their work area and will make sure they leave your home as clean as they found it.

You can trust the professionals at Birkhead to enter your home and to complete the work quickly and thoroughly.

Our Technicians Can Work With Different Brands

We believe in keeping our technicians trained in a variety of HVAC makes and models to prepare them for whatever customers they work with. While we specialize in working with Trane systems, our team members can troubleshoot any brand, year, or unit.

It’s okay if you already have your HVAC unit and just need it installed. You don’t have to buy your air conditioning unit from us. We have likely worked with our HVAC model before and will install it just as confidently as if we recommended the system ourselves.

However, we do offer discounts on units year-round and are up-to-date on the latest rebates, so you save when you buy from us.

Find the Right HVAC Unit for Your Needs

If you’re not sure what size HVAC system you need, or what model works best for your space, contact Birkhead. We often see homeowners who buy HVAC systems that are too big for their homes -- actually increasing their electric bills by choosing a machine that uses more energy to cool the space down. You want to find an HVAC system that is powerful enough to cool your home but doesn’t use too much energy.

Let Birkhead send a consultant to your home to help you understand your HVAC size needs. We can make recommendations for potential units and make sure you find the best system possible.

Choose a reliable contractor who will charge you fairly for the work and will treat you respectfully. Choose Birkhead. Call today to schedule your air conditioning installation. Our service area includes La Grange, Louisville, Mount Washington, Prospect, Shepherdsville, KY, as well as Jeffersonville, IN and the surrounding areas.

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