HVAC Maintenance in Louisville, KY and Surrounding Areas including Southern Indiana

Some people let their HVAC system run for years without so much as cleaning a hose or checking the thermostat to make sure everything is calibrated accurately. During this time, air moves through the space slower while electric bills increase. Eventually, the system breaks. This could have been avoided with regular HVAC maintenance checks.

HVAC maintenance offers many benefits to your unit and the space that it heats and cools. You can save money in the long run by keeping your unit clean and operating at peak performance.

Here’s why you should invest in heating and AC maintenance and how Birkhead Co. can keep your cooling system clean:

The Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

There are multiple benefits to investing in regular HVAC maintenance in your home or business. You wouldn’t skip out on regular car maintenance (like oil changes or tire rotations) and your HVAC system isn’t any different.

With seasonal tune-ups by Birkhead, some of the benefits you will enjoy include:

  • Increased HVAC performance
  • Decreased electric bills because of better flowing air
  • Preventive checks to stop breakdowns before they happen
  • Cleaner air that is healthier for your living environment

Just one of these benefits should be enough for you to schedule maintenance checks with Birkhead. If we can fix minor problems in a few minutes when we come out, then we can stop them from becoming major issues that cause unplanned breaks during peak hot and cold seasons.

What Does HVAC Maintenance Include?

During a standard maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician runs through a comprehensive checklist to improve various elements of your system. Items on this checklist include:

  • Inspecting the indoor and outdoor units
  • Checking hoses, wires, and hook-ups for wear or weakness
  • Removing any potential clogs or breaks
  • Replacing their air filter for cleaner air
  • Making sure the thermostat works and is accurate

Together, these steps can increase your energy efficiency for a more comfortable home with improved energy bills.

Ask About Our Seasonal Maintenance Packages

Scheduling HVAC maintenance is as simple as setting up a dentist appointment or check-up. Birkhead offers seasonal maintenance packages and will remind you when it’s time to schedule your HVAC cleaning and review.

We recommend two HVAC tune-ups per year. Most people schedule these in the spring (before the peak temperatures of summer) and then again in the fall (before the extreme cold of winter). These tune-ups can give you the confidence going into the Summer and Winter seasons knowing that your system can pull through.

Schedule Your Maintenance Services

If you want an HVAC system that operates at peak performance year-round, make sure it’s running at its best. Call Birkhead to schedule a maintenance appointment and ask about our ongoing packages or seasonal deals.

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