How Can I Make My Furnace Last Longer in Jeffersonville, IN?

New furnace installations are a considerable investment, which is why it’s wise to find ways to extend their lifespan. An average furnace can last between 15 and 20 years, sometimes longer. Here are some ways you can make the furnace in your Jeffersonville, IN, home last longer.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, you might be wasting a lot of energy and straining your heating system. Investing in a programmable thermostat allows you to use lower setback points when you aren’t home or during the night. A programmable thermostat will enable you to save on heating expenses and minimize wear and tear on your furnace, extending its lifespan.

Change Furnace Filter

Changing the filter every 90 days can help add years to your heating system. If you have an allergic family member or pets in your home, changing heating system filters more frequently is advisable. Clogged or dirty filters reduce the heating system’s efficiency, straining it and reducing its lifespan.

Aside from changing your furnace regularly, you can also make the unit last longer with the right filter. Using a filter that doesn’t match your furnace could expose your heating system to unnecessary wear and tear. If you’re unsure about the right filter for your heating system, it’s best to hire a technician to assess it and advise accordingly.

Upgrade Your Insulation

The less often your furnace operates, the longer it might last. Check your home’s insulation, especially in the attic and basement, to ensure that it’s sufficient. Insulating your home prevents warm air from escaping the outside, so your heating system runs less frequently without working harder than it should.

Invest in Regular Maintenance

Regular furnace tune-ups and preventive maintenance are vital when it comes to keeping your heating unit performing properly. The HVAC technician you hire for the job will inspect the heating system for damaged parts and clean it. They’ll also check and clean the ductwork to enhance the heating system’s efficiency and extend its life.

Regular furnace maintenance and cleaning also improve your indoor air quality by reducing dust and dirt pollution in the air. A professional tune-up also includes cleaning the blower and coils so that your heating system runs efficiently and keeps your home comfortable. Call the pros for preventative maintenance at least twice a year or to conduct seasonal tune-ups to help your furnace last longer.

Schedule Furnace Repairs Promptly

It’s advisable to schedule furnace repairs as soon as you notice anything wrong with your system rather than postponing. Operating a faulty heating system or delaying repairs reduces the unit’s efficiency and might cause premature breakdowns. Call your HVAC contractor if you notice even a minor issue with your heating system.

Minor furnace problems can quickly escalate into complicated issues that might be costly to repair. The technician you hire for repairs will inspect other furnace components like the blower to ensure that they function correctly.

Fix Leaks in Your Home

You can help make your furnace last longer than its average life by hiring a technician to fix air duct leaks. Air leaks around your home allow warm air to escape outside from the ductwork, and the heating system then strains to keep your home warm. The extra stress can increase wear and tear on your heating system, causing more frequent breakdowns and reducing its life.

Regulate Humidity

You can make your furnace last longer than its expected cycle by protecting it from excess moisture. Humid temperatures can make furnace components prone to rust, leading to breakdowns and cracked heat exchangers, which are costly to repair. Talk to an HVAC expert for recommendations on ways to regulate humidity in your home if you want to increase your furnace’s lifespan.

Furnaces can last longer if you use the above methods. However, it’s always best to hire an expert for furnace repairs and regular tune-ups if you want your system to operate at optimal capacity. Contact us at Birkhead Co. today for any heating system tune-ups, repairs or installations you may need.

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