How to Plan for a New Residential Heater Installation

The best time to plan for a new heater is in late summer or early fall before you’re in dire need of heating. Planning for your new heater should give you time to explore your options, find a great deal, and schedule an appointment for your heater installation. These tips will help you find the right heater for your Jeffersonville, Indiana, home.

Assess Your Current System

As you’re planning your new furnace installation, it’s important to assess the type of system you already have. Check the labeling to find the annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE). This number tells you how energy-efficient your current installation is. The higher the AFUE, the greater your efficiency.

Knowing where you currently stand will help you determine how much of an improvement you’ll get from a new system. Shop for a system with an AFUE that’s at least a few points higher than the unit you’re currently using.

Get a Professional Load Calculation

A load calculation tells you how big your furnace needs to be to efficiently heat your home. If your system is too small, you’ll often have hot and cold spots. The heater will run constantly but may never deliver the even warmth you’re looking for. This constant strain on the system leads to more breakdowns and a short lifespan.

When your heater is too large, it will cycle on and off more than necessary. This puts extra wear and tear on your parts and usually leads to more frequent repair calls and a shorter system lifespan. Our technicians can perform a professional load calculation that lets you know how large your new heater should be. We consider your square footage, window and door placement, insulation, home orientation, and more to make sure you get an accurate load calculation.

Evaluate Your Ductwork

Your new heater can’t provide you with optimum comfort unless your ductwork is equipped to offer an effective delivery system for the warm air. Have a technician look at your ductwork to determine whether it’s doing a good job delivering air throughout your home. If you have high energy bills or low airflow, your ducts may not be properly installed. Sheet metal fabrication and duct installation improve your ductwork for better comfort throughout the house. This will help you enjoy the full capabilities of your new furnace.

Research Your Options

As you’re researching your choices for a new heater, you’ll find single-stage, two-stage, and variable speed systems. A single-stage system operates at only one speed, so it’s either on or off. A two-stage system gives you more control over your comfort by offering a high speed and low speed. Variable speed systems are the most efficient option. They can operate at many different speeds, delivering precise temperatures.

While a central heating system is perhaps the first thing you think of when you’re planning a heater installation, there are other options as well. A heat pump can offer ducted or ductless heating and cooling for your home. You can install individually controlled units throughout the house for more customized comfort.

Get an Estimate

When you’re ready to put your heater installation on the calendar, give us a call for a detailed estimate. We’ll evaluate your home, discuss your preferred system, and provide you with transparent pricing so you know what to expect at your installation appointment. We can even help you look for brand rebates that will help you get money back on this purchase.

If you’re ready to learn more about installing a new heater in your Jeffersonville home, call Birkhead Co. today at (502) 443-9545. We’ll help you find the perfect system to keep you warm this winter season.

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