Is My AC in Jeffersonville, IN Beyond Repair?

Problems with your Jeffersonville, IN air conditioner can cause tremendous stress. Most of this stress comes from wondering if you need an AC replacement or simply a repair. Consider these factors to determine which option is right for your situation.

System Is More Than 15 Years Old

The average lifespan for an air conditioner is between 15 and 20 years. After that time, the system’s components start failing, and it has significantly reduced efficiency.

While your air conditioner may still seem like it’s running strong, it may have subtle symptoms you’re not noticing. Combine its age with some of the symptoms below, and you have a strong indication it’s time for a replacement.

If your current system is more than 15 years old, start planning for a replacement soon. Doing so allows you to take advantage of seasonal discounts so that you can avoid having any interruption in your home comfort.

Loud Noises Coming From Your AC Unit

A properly running air conditioner should make little noise. Normal noises include the whir of the circulating and condensing unit fans and the faint hum of the compressor. However, systems near the end of their service life may start emitting unusual and loud sounds.

Two of the most common noises that indicate you may need a replacement are a screaming or hissing sound and a loud clanking or banging. The screaming and hissing may indicate a high-pressure issue within the unit, which is extremely dangerous. If you hear this, turn off your system and call a professional to troubleshoot the issue.

A loud clanking or banging from your outside unit often means the compressor motor is bad. A bad compressor and an aging system mean you need a new air conditioner.

Unusually High Humidity in Your Home

As your AC runs, it should condense moisture from the air rushing over the cold evaporator coils. You experience this as reduced humidity throughout your home.

If the system isn’t regulating the refrigerant pressure properly, it won’t get the coils cold enough. This can leave your home feeling humid and muggy. Neglected AC maintenance can also cause this, so work with a technician to determine what you need for your system.

Frequent Repairs

It’s common knowledge among HVAC technicians that an aging AC will require more repairs. This normally escalates in its last couple years of service life.

Keep an eye on how often you’re calling for repairs and how much you’re spending. Multiply the last two years’ worth of repair costs by the age of your system. If that equals more than the cost of a replacement, it’s probably time to install a new system.

Increasing Electric Bills

Another cost to track is the amount of your electric bills. When your system is nearing the end of its service life, it won’t run as efficiently, driving up your energy costs.

Granted, the same thing may happen when you need certain repairs. But when coupled with your system’s age, this can be an early indicator that you should start thinking about a replacement.

Insufficient Cooling Power

You know there’s a problem when your AC seems to run all the time, but your home’s not cool. This may indicate a problem as simple as closed or blocked vents or dirty air filters. However, if those aren’t issues in your home, your AC may be nearing the end of its useful life.

Older systems may have a reduced refrigerant charge, which can freeze your coils and inhibit airflow through the system. They may also not circulate as much air as you need because the circulating fan motor may not spin as quickly as it should.

You don’t have to wait for your AC to experience a catastrophic failure to know it’s time to replace it. Call to consult one of the expert technicians at Birkhead Co. about your AC installation in Jeffersonville, IN.

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