3 Features to Look for When Buying a Smart Thermostat

Whether it’s time to heat your Louisville, Kentucky, home in winter or time to cool down in the summer months, nothing beats walking into a home that already has the perfect temperature. Smart thermostats make this possible. Not only are they convenient, but they include features that help you save energy and save on your monthly utility bills. Here are three important features you should look for when buying a smart thermostat:

Mobile Access

With a smart thermostat, you have multiple options for remote access. Most smart thermostats allow you to control them remotely via apps you can install on your smartphone or other mobile devices. Many smart thermostats are also compatible with voice-activated virtual assistants. In some cases, you can forgo installing an app but connect to your smart thermostat by creating an online account through your desktop computer. Now, before you purchase a smart thermostat, make sure your devices are compatible with the respective apps.

Smart Homes

Smart homes have home automation, which is when appliances and devices in the home communicate with each other. Home automation allows you to control devices in your home via your mobile device, no matter where you are in the world.

In order to build a smart home, you will need to have household items such as lights, appliances, and heating and cooling systems that are linked to a remotely controllable network, and that includes a programmable thermostat. You need to choose a smart thermostat that is compatible with your other devices.

Climate Zoning

Chances are your family members have different temperature preferences. To resolve this issue, you will need an HVAC zoning system in your home, which divides your home into different areas based on temperature. Zoning works through electronically controlled dampers in your ductwork that control the flow of your heated and cooled air throughout your home. Climate zoning eliminates hot and cold spots in your home and allows for individual control of different rooms’ temperatures. The temperatures in each zone are controlled separately by a programmable thermostat.

When you’re ready to choose the best smart thermostat for your home, contact Birkhead Co. at (502) 443-9545. We’ll guide you through a thermostat upgrade or installation so you can find right the product.

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