3 IAQ Products That Maintain Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Your Prospect, Kentucky, home may be well-sealed and maintain a consistent indoor temperature year-round. However, well-sealed homes often have stuffy or stale air. You can improve your indoor air quality by installing various products in your HVAC system. Keep reading to learn more about how air cleaners, air ventilators, and humidifiers can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Air Cleaners

An air cleaner or air purifier helps filter out most of the air pollutants in your home. Your HVAC system already has an air filter installed, but it is designed to only catch large dirty air particles, like dust and dander. If someone in your home has a respiratory disease, like asthma, you may benefit from an air cleaner like Envirowise CleanEffects Whole House Air Cleaner, which removes up to 99.98% of air pollutants as small as 0.3 microns.

Air Ventilators

Another indoor air quality product you can install in your HVAC system is an air ventilator. Stale air in your home is usually caused by a lack of ventilation, so a mechanical ventilator can bring fresh outdoor air straight into your HVAC system, which will filter and circulate it throughout your home. If you want to save on energy, consider installing an energy recovery ventilator, which transfers much of the energy of the outgoing indoor air to the incoming outdoor air. A ventilator like Trane FreshEffects Energy Recovery Ventilator can recover up to 78 percent heat energy.


Your home’s humidity levels should between 30-50 percent throughout the year for optimal comfort and to reduce airborne illnesses. You can install a whole-house humidifier like the Envirowise Large Bypass Humidifier in your HVAC system to deliver the right amount of humidity to each room. The humidifier will automatically adjust the humidity output, so your home stays at a healthy humidity level.

Keep your home’s air clean and healthy throughout the year. Call Birkhead Co. today to learn more about our indoor air quality products.

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