3 Common Indoor Allergens that Trigger Asthma Symptoms

Sometimes your body reacts to what are ordinarily harmless substances. These substances are called allergens, and they trigger a reaction that can include sneezing, runny eyes, and asthma. Here are three common indoor allergens that can trigger asthma symptoms in your Louisville, KY home.

Biological Growth

Biological growth thrives in moist environments, such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and your AC evaporator coil. It can become airborne and distributed throughout your home. Treating your coil with ultraviolet light, increasing airflow and controlling moisture levels are ways to prevent biological growth from affecting your indoor air quality.

Dust Mites

Dust mites flourish in warm, humid environments. Their main food source is the flakes of skin that people shed on a daily basis. Although you cannot completely eliminate these pests, you can reduce their effects by using a dehumidifier and your AC unit to maintain a humidity level below 50 percent. Air filters on your HVAC system will also help.

Pet Dander

When you exclude fish, dogs and cats account for 72 percent of the pets found in American households. Unfortunately, about 30 percent of people who have allergies are allergic to dogs and cats. Although pet hair is not an allergen, it collects allergens of dander, urine, and saliva. You can also carry these allergens indoors on your clothing. Air cleaners and filters will help remove pet allergens from your indoor air.

Whole-house Indoor Air Quality

In addition to indoor allergens, airborne irritants such as smoke and respiratory illnesses can trigger asthma symptoms. Air cleaners and humidifiers can help eliminate these triggers and reduce the chance that your loved ones will suffer from an asthma attack.

Are any of these indoor allergens lurking in your home? For more information on how clean air can improve your family’s health and comfort, check out Birkhead Co.’s indoor air quality solutions or call today.

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