3 Problems Caused by an Outdated Thermostat in Jeffersonville, IN

You can think of your thermostat as the brain behind the entire HVAC system in your home in Jeffersonville, IN. For good or ill, its efficiency, power and effectiveness will have across-the-board consequences for how comfortable you’ll be at home. Therefore, you need to know about these three problems that an outdated thermostat may cause.

1. Low Efficiency and High Utility Bills

Older thermostats simply aren’t as efficient as newer ones. Their control systems are not as accurate, so you might constantly adjust the thermostat to achieve a comfortable temperature.

As a result, the systems they control will use more energy daily than is necessary. Over time, this can add up, leading to a great deal of energy waste.

This will be true whether the old thermostat is a manual one or whether it’s a digital one that’s been in use for more than about 10 years. What’s more, manual thermostats don’t have features like programmability or recovery mode, leading to an even greater loss of efficiency. The upshot of low efficiency is that you will pay high utility bills for no good reason.

2. Sudden Failures

Since your thermostat is your HVAC system’s control center, it will have implications for how the system works. If signals fail to travel properly to the system, the system may not turn on or work. It may even turn off at random and unpredictable intervals, even if the system itself is in very good condition.

This can be especially confusing if your HVAC system turns off suddenly or can’t stay on for long. It’s natural to assume that the problem lies with the heating and cooling system. Preventive maintenance service includes checking the thermostat, so we’ll be able to determine if it is failing.

3. Short Cycling

Your HVAC system should go through two to three cycles per hour, with the system running for about 10 to 20 minutes each time. Short cycling occurs when the system turns on and off too frequently. Improper signals from a bad thermostat can cause this to happen.

Any HVAC difficulties should prompt you to examine your thermostat. Call our team at Birkhead Co. to get the best thermostat services in Jeffersonville, IN.

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