4 Reasons It’s Critical to Change Your Air Filter in Shepherdsville, KY

Your HVAC system in Shepherdsville, KY cannot run properly when it’s clogged with airborne contaminants. Consider these four reasons why it’s critical to change your air filter routinely.

1. Reduced Utility Costs

As your system runs, the contaminants build up on the filter, reducing the air flowing through the system. Your system works by heating or cooling the air and circulating it around your home.

When the filter clogs and reduces the air moving through the system, it requires the system to work harder. This drives up your utility costs while trying to keep your home comfortable.

2. Improved Indoor Air Quality

Air quality refers to the number of contaminants floating in the air. As a secondary job, your air filter improves that air quality by removing many of those contaminants. This eases the strain on your HVAC system, not to mention makes your air healthier to breathe.

3. Fewer HVAC Repairs

Every component in your HVAC system will eventually wear out. The amount of strain it experiences will determine how much wear those components experience as the system runs. Reduced airflow through the system increases the operational strain, thereby increasing the wear.

Simply replacing your air filter helps keep both the strain and wear down. This reduces the number of heating and AC repairs you’ll experience, especially with a system less than 10 years old.

4. Better Comfort

Your system keeps your home comfortable through the air circulation it creates. When anything restricts the air flowing through the system, it cannot evenly distribute conditioned air. The restricted airflow that comes with a clogged filter leaves much of your home either too hot or too cold.

Proper HVAC maintenance goes beyond routinely changing your air filter. Rather, your system needs a professional tune-up to continue working efficiently. Call to schedule your HVAC maintenance with our expert technicians at Birkhead Co. today.

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