4 Common Signs Your Air Ducts Were Improperly Installed

The air ducts are one of the least visible parts of your HVAC system. You might not be able to see the problem, but you can certainly feel the effects of ducts that are undersized, improperly installed or poorly sealed. In Louisville, proper duct installation methods are essential for improving your comfort and reducing your home’s energy use. Here are four signs that your air ducts need attention:

1. Excessive Noise

According to government research, acoustic operating characteristics are directly linked to energy efficiency. In other words, efficient air movement is quieter. Improper pressure due to undersized ducts or improperly sized equipment can cause low-frequency rumbling. On the other hand, high-pitched whining and whistling noises are typically caused by poorly sealed junctions.

2. High Energy Bills

In the average home, about 20 percent of heated and cooled air escapes through cracks in the ductwork. Undersized return ducts leading to the HVAC unit and undersized supply ducts leading to your living spaces both decrease the system’s performance, drive up your energy bills and limit your comfort.

3. Breakdowns

Additionally, inefficient operating conditions make your HVAC system work longer and harder, which can shorten its lifespan. If you find that you’re replacing your equipment frequently or facing repeated repairs, improper duct installation could be the root cause.

4. Restricted Airflow

Hot and cold spots are a telltale sign of air-distribution problems. With undersized ducts, you may notice that the vents nearest your HVAC unit blast air while the pressure drops substantially in other parts of your home. However, damaged, disconnected or kinked ducts can cause similar symptoms.

If you believe that your air ducts weren’t installed properly, have our professionals perform a static pressure test to find out for sure. Call today to learn more about our ductwork installation services.

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