4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your AC

Your AC unit sees a lot of use during the summer, but when temperatures soar, it can increase your utility costs merely to accomplish the bare minimum. But don’t worry; there are numerous things you can do to improve your energy efficiency. Here are four of the most effective techniques to improve the efficiency of your La Grange, KY, HVAC system.

1. Clean and Unblock Your Vents

Dust can accumulate and block your vents and hinder cool air from flowing. Inspect your vents to determine if you need to clear anything to enhance airflow. To ensure that cold air circulates correctly, keep furniture and other obstructions away from the vents.

2. Upgrade Your Thermostat

Programmable thermostats are handy because they enable you to modify your home’s temperature when you are away during the day or while you’re sleeping. This ensures you only utilize energy when you actually need it and save energy when you don’t. This can equate to annual savings of roughly 10% on your electricity expenditures.

3. Inspect Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioner is critical to its efficiency. Therefore, you should examine the unit for any leaves, branches or other debris. Make cleaning the area surrounding your outdoor unit a regular component of your house maintenance routine.

Although you’ll have to call an HVAC expert to perform thorough cleaning once or twice annually, keeping your condenser free of leaves, branches or debris is a simple, no-cost option that just takes a few minutes.

4. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

The amount of wear your La Grange, KY, air conditioner endures during the cooling season has an impact on its efficiency. Scheduled maintenance with our qualified experts will help keep your system in good working order. Our professionals will replace worn parts, clean the inside components and alert you of any difficulties that might lead to costly future HVAC repairs, such as refrigerant leaks.

Contact Birkhead Co. for your La Grange, KY air conditioning needs. We also deal with heating, duct installation, indoor air quality, ductless AC, heat pumps and commercial HVAC services.

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