5 Reasons Your Louisville, KY Furnace is Costing You Too Much Money

Running your furnace through the winters in Louisville, KY, can get expensive. However, you may inadvertently contribute to raising those expenses. Mind these five reasons that your furnace is making you pay too much for your heating.

You Have Blocked Vents

It’s easy to forget about leaving enough clearance for your vents when setting up furniture. However, without at least a 2-inch clearance, the air won’t be able to circulate and effectively heat your home. The same is true if you have closed vents, so double-check all are open and have enough clearance.

Your Furnace Filter Is Dirty

If your furnace cannot draw enough air in, it won’t push enough air out, reducing your system’s heating efficiency. Not only that, but it’ll also cause preventable strain on your system, leading to additional furnace repairs. Check your filter regularly, and plan to change it about every 90 days.

Heating Cycles Seem to Run Forever

The normal gas furnace should run heating cycles that last between 10 and 15 minutes. If it seems like it’s constantly running, it’s a strong indication your system has an efficiency issue. The longer it runs, the more fuel it’s using, driving up your costs, not to mention the added operational strain.

You’re Not Using Your Thermostat Programs

You can save about 10% of your annual heating expenses by simply using your thermostat’s programs. You achieve this by lowering your temperature by 7 to 10 degrees for about eight hours each day. Try to do this while everyone is away from your home, or while you’re asleep.

You Haven’t Had Furnace Maintenance

Your furnace depends on regular maintenance to keep its efficiency and lower its operating costs. During this maintenance, a technician cleans the internal components to prevent airflow restrictions. They also test and tighten the unit’s components to ensure there isn’t unusual strain while running.

Save your money from draining through your furnace this winter. Call to schedule your furnace maintenance with the expert technicians at Birkhead Heating & Air Conditioning today if you notice higher bills or longer run times.

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