Beware of These Common Winter Heating Problems

With the arrival of winter and colder temperatures in Mount Washington, Kentucky, be sure to keep an eye on your heating system as it kicks into full gear. If you spot common heating problems early on and have your system repaired quickly, you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient system and prevent further damage. Keep reading to learn about three heating problems you may experience this winter.

Inconsistent Heating

Is one room of the house always cold no matter the temperature on the thermostat? One possible cause of inconsistent heating is an issue with the insulation or sealing. If you find air leaks around the windows in that room, seal them up with caulk. If you continue to experience inconsistent heating, it could be an airflow issue caused by a dirty air filter, dirty coils, or an issue with the air ducts or vents. While you can change out the air filter yourself, be sure to call in a professional to check and clean your coils and air ducts.

Frequently Turning On and Off

Have you noticed that your furnace turns on and off more than usual each day? This occurrence is called short-cycling, which is a sign of system inefficiency. To return your furnace to smooth functioning, try replacing the air filter. If that doesn’t solve the issue, have a professional inspect your furnace, and possibly clean it to fix the short-cycling problem.

Unusual Noises

While you may hear the hum of your furnace as it turns on, any rattling, clanging, or whistling sounds mean that something is wrong. Rattling and clanging sounds could indicate a loose part in your system, so quickly turn off the heat to avoid causing further damage. You should then promptly call a professional to inspect and repair your system. If you hear a whining or whistling noise when your system is on, it could be an issue with your air ducts.

If you continue to experience any of these heating problems, call Birkhead Co. today at (502) 443-9545. Our team will quickly inspect and repair your heating system as needed, so you can stay warm this winter.

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