How Can I Use My Heat Pump More Efficiently?

When you use your heat pump efficiently, your home can feel more comfortable, and your utility bills can be as low as possible. Doing so could also help extend its lifespan. The following are a few tips on using your heat pump more efficiently in Shepherdsville, KY.

Avoid the “Auto” Setting

Your heat pump’s “Auto” mode allows it to automatically switch to cooling or heating. It’s best to set it to either “Heat” or “Cool” mode depending on the temperature outside for better control instead of letting the system decide for you.

Customize the Direction of Airflow

The air from the heat pump needs to be able to properly flow throughout the room to get to your preferred temperature. Make sure there aren’t any shelves, boxes or other obstructions that could prevent air from the vent to circulate easily.

Have Your Air Filters Changed

The air filter in your HVAC system can get blocked with everything from pollen to dog fur. Once clogged, it won’t allow your heat pump to work as efficiently as it normally would. The filter needs to be changed every three months or more often is needed. This is an easy task for most homeowners. If you’re uncertain, one of our technicians will be happy to show you how at your next maintenance appointment.

Take Care of Your Outdoor Unit

There shouldn’t be any bushes, trees or flowers near the outdoor unit. It’s ideal to hire landscapers who can ensure there’s no greenery growing anywhere near it and that there is a wide, clear space around it. It’s also helpful to call for HVAC preventive maintenance one or two times each year to ensure the system is working correctly.

Knowing how to use your heat pump efficiently and implementing those strategies can make a big difference for your system. Contact Birkhead Co. for comprehensive heat pump services in Shepherdsville, KY. Our skilled technicians can do any necessary repairs or replacements and offer suggestions about operating your system for optimal results.

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