How to Minimize AC System Strain During Cooling Season in Prospect, KY

Straining your air conditioning system can affect its efficiency. During the cooling season, your AC may work hard to compensate for high temperatures, humidity and air-restricted airflow. The following are ways you can reduce the strain on your AC system in Prospect, KY.

Regular Service and Maintenance of the AC

Service your AC regularly to keep it running efficiently. You can seek maintenance services from a certified technician whenever you notice that your energy bills are higher than normal or when you hear strange noises coming from the AC. The technician can replace the filters and clean the condenser coils as part of the maintenance service.

Shut the Windows and Doors

Keeping your windows or doors open can cause your AC system to overwork, which causes a strain on the system. Ensure that you shut the windows and close the doors tightly when your AC is running. If windows or doors are drafty, installing weather-stripping can help. Install awnings and window shades to keep the heat out during the summer months.

Set the Right Temperature

Use a programmable thermostat to maintain the right temperature. These thermostats allow you to preset a desired temperature, and they will turn on or shut off the AC unit when needed. You can also set up a schedule to activate your AC.

Upgrade Your AC Unit

If you have an older model of AC, investing in a newer and more energy-efficient model can help to ensure you get the best out of your cooling system. Updated units consume less energy and provide greater indoor air quality. You can consult a professional HVAC specialist about the best model for your home when you need to upgrade the system.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help to reduce the strain on your AC system. You can lower the electricity bills by running ceiling fans in conjunction with your AC system. Ensure that the ceiling fan is spinning counterclockwise so that you feel a cool breeze.

With the proper maintenance and upgrades, you can enjoy an energy-efficient AC system all year round. If you need to upgrade or repair your AC, contact Birkhead Co. today.

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