Ice and Snow Can Damage Your Heat Pump

Protecting your heat pump from damage in the winter is essential when you’re living in La Grange, KY. Ensuring you don’t have any problems due to ice and snow buildup can be critical. Here’s how to keep your heat pump clear during winter weather.

1. Reduces Air Intake From the Sides

Your heat pump operates by drawing air in from the surrounding air. Keeping all four sides free of ice and snow is critical to ensure it continues to run smoothly. Taking this action allows the heating system to continue working efficiently and helps ensure it doesn’t have to work harder than usual to keep your home warm.

2. Causes Weight and Airflow Reduction at the Top

After you’ve had a heating installation completed, it’s essential to stay alert. Most heat pumps push air upward out the top. Checking to ensure this area is free of ice and snow allows air to discharge efficiently.

3. Ices Internal Heat Pump Components

Having your heat pump located in a spot where it’s exposed to melting ice and snow can cause problems. If it’s underneath a gutter or overhang, you’ll need to check it regularly to help ensure there isn’t any ice inside the heating system.

4. Accidental Heat Pump Damage From Scraping

Even snow removal is a cause of damage if it’s not done carefully. Manual scrapers on delicate equipment can cause denting, remove paint and expose metals to corrosion and potentially cause leaks in refrigerant lines.

Only remove ice and snow with a brush or broom. You never want to forcefully remove ice or snow as taking this action could cause damage.

Letting a technician handle this problem is the best solution. If you require heating repair, be sure to contact Birkhead Co.

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