What Causes Your Heat Pump in Mount Washington, KY, to Stop Working?

A typical heat pump will stop working when its hardware malfunctions or totally breaks down. There are also situations when an outside source will make a heat pump stop working. In this guide, you’ll learn the most common reasons why the heat pump in your in Mount Washington, KY, home could stop working.

Thermostat Problems

Every time you use your thermostat, its mechanisms move, and electricity sparks. Over time, some of its parts will develop wear and tear if you constantly use your thermostat’s levers and buttons. If you have a defective or broken thermostat, we can repair or replace it.

Electrical and Technical Issues

A heat pump’s components work together to blast hot air throughout a home. If one component breaks down, your entire unit may not work. For example, a heat pump will fail to power up if it has a damaged compressor contractor or a malfunctioning time delay relay.

In some cases, a defect in just one important part of the system can cause the heat pump to fail. For example, if your thermostat has a flawed cable, power won’t reach the thermostat. The control module is another important component; if it’s defective, an entire system won’t function.

Other Issues

If your heat pump suddenly stops working while other appliances are pulling electricity, check the circuits. In this situation, there may be a blown fuse inside your panel box.

Your unit will also power down if something trips its reset button. If you press this button, you may be able to restore power.

Heat pump problems often require professional maintenance or repairs. If you need help restoring power to your heat pump in Mount Washington, KY, contact Birkhead Co. today. We provide professional services for heat pump equipment by Trane.

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