Where Should I Have My Thermostat Located in My La Grange, KY, Home?

Where you set your thermostat can greatly affect the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system in La Grange, KY. Here are some helpful tips on where you should put your thermostat for the best results.

Avoid Windows and Doors

Don’t place your thermostat near openings that may let in drafts. It won’t be able to get an accurate reading due to the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. As a result, your HVAC system will constantly turn on and off to make up for the fluctuations.

These constant changes can be incredibly hard on the equipment, expediting wear and tear. It also would be a huge waste of energy.

Don’t Place It in Direct Sunlight

While it may feel nice to have some sunshine streaming into the room, don’t put your thermostat directly in its path. The rays can cause the temperature reading to be inaccurate during the day, and your system will work harder than necessary to maintain the desired climate.

Avoid Putting It Near Electronics

Televisions, computers, and other electronics give off heat. Placing a thermostat near them can cause your HVAC system to overcompensate for the additional warmth and run longer than necessary.

Choose a Central Location

Put your thermostat in a spot that can accurately reflect the temperature. It should also be somewhere you spend most of your time, such as in the living room. It will give the thermostat an accurate sense of the temperature that’s most comfortable to you and your family.

It’s worth noting that many people have their thermostats in the hallway. Unfortunately, this isn’t the ideal placement spot. Hallways are long and narrow and have limited airflow, so the temperature won’t reflect that of your house as a whole.

Choosing the right spot for your thermostat is essential for optimal comfort and energy efficiency. Contact us at Birkhead Co. Heating and Air Conditioning today if you need help with the location and installation of your thermostat.

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