Why Is My Heat Pump in Mount Washington, KY Not Heating?

Nothing is more satisfying than coming home to a warm indoor environment after spending time in the freezing outdoor temperatures. Unfortunately, heat pump issues can interfere with your system’s ability to heat your indoor air, making your Mount Washington, KY home cold and uncomfortable. Below, we will discuss why your heat pump might blow cool air while in heating mode.

Thermostat Problems

When you key in your preferred temperatures in the thermostat, the device relays these instructions to your system through a series of wires. The device also uses special sensors to read the indoor temperatures and adjust the temperatures to your liking.

Damaged wiring interrupts the communication between the thermostat and the heat pump. Also, your thermostat may not read the indoor temperatures accurately due to faulty sensors.

As a result, the heat pump does not receive your instructions; hence, it does not warm your home to your liking. Request a professional technician to inspect and repair your thermostat.

Refrigerant Leaks

Your heat pump uses a refrigerant to circulate heat. The fluid levels may drop if there are punctures on the refrigerant lines.

Your system cannot move enough heat with low refrigerant levels. Consequently, your home remains cold.

A Faulty Reversing Valve

Heat pumps can cool and heat your home, making them different from other HVAC systems. A reversing valve is the component that gives these systems this unique capacity.

During summer, the refrigerant moves heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. When winter comes, the reversing valve prompts the refrigerant to start moving heat from the outdoor to the indoor coil.

When this component malfunctions, it cannot change the direction of the refrigerant flow. As a result, your heat pump continues to move heat from your home to the outdoor environment.

Fortunately, our technicians can solve the issues causing your system to cool your home during winter. Contact Birkhead Co. in Mount Washington, KY for exceptional heat pump services. We will inspect your system and address all the problems we find.

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