Why Is My Louisville, KY Air Conditioner Leaking Water?

The worst thing you can face in the summer is an air conditioner leak. You’ll want to get this fixed as soon as possible to ensure you can stay comfortable during the sweltering days in Louisville, KY. Here are four main reasons your air conditioner may be leaking.

1. Damaged Drain Pan

The drain pan sits right under your evaporator coil. It collects all the moisture that may condensate from your air conditioning unit, causing water to collect indoors. If there’s visible damage, you will need to have your drain pan replaced as soon as possible to prevent leakage.

2. Clogs in the Drain Line

Your drain line takes the moisture outdoors, but it can sometimes become lined with debris or fungal growth. These culprits can ultimately cause leaks. It is important to contact professionals to perform routine cleanings on your drain lines to prevent leakages.

3. Clogs in the Air Filter

You may also face clogs in your air filter if it is not cleaned or maintained on a regular basis. When your air filter is clogged, air won’t be able to pass through, and this will cause more problems. Over time, this will lead your evaporator coils to become frozen.

4. Frozen Evaporator Coils

Your evaporator coils will freeze if you do not maintain your system as mentioned. The refrigerant will be unable to take the heat out of your home. The refrigerant may also leak, and it will cause more problems, such as a malfunctioning condenser.

It is important to have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system to prevent the need for costly repairs and to keep you as comfortable as possible. Contact Birkhead Co. as soon as possible to have a professional fix your air conditioning leak and perform any other air conditioning services you may need.

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