Why Isn’t My Louisville, KY Air Conditioner Cooling?

It’s a hot day, and you’re looking forward to your air conditioner’s cooling power. You turn on your air conditioner and wait only to find that relief never comes. Before you call a local company for air conditioning repair, try some troubleshooting tips. You may be able to fix the problem yourself; at the very least, you’ll give your tech a head start on your AC repairs by providing some simple information.

Common Reasons for Air Conditioner Failure

Although it may sound silly, check your thermostat to ensure that it’s set to cool, not heat. If this isn’t the case, consider checking your electrical panel. Tripped circuit breakers are behind many faulty air conditioning systems, but the fix is as easy as resetting the breaker. Dirty or clogged filters are an equally simple and common issue. If you don’t know how to change yours, consult with your owner’s manual or the manufacturer.

AC Blows Warm Air

If your air conditioning system turns on but blows out warm air, make sure the ‘auto’ setting is on. Ensure that you’ve set the temperature lower than the current indoor temp. A dirty condenser may also be responsible. Remove weeds, leaves, debris and anything else interfering with your outside unit.

Issues Requiring AC Repair

For more complex issues, it’s better to call your neighborhood HVAC company for air conditioning repair. Your AC system doesn’t lose refrigerant; if it’s low, there’s a leak that must be detected and fixed by a professional. Air duct leaks also call for an HVAC tech to inspect and repair your system.

If your system isn’t cooling your home, learn more about air conditioning repair from Birkhead Co. Heating and Air Conditioning. We’ve served the Louisville area and Southern Indiana since 1947, so rest assured we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with prompt, competent AC repair.

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