Why Your Ductless System in La Grange, KY Leaks Water

Ductless HVAC systems in La Grange, KY provide efficient heating and cooling. Individual air handlers and thermostats in each service zone allow for customized temperature control. However, despite their impressive performance and cutting-edge capabilities, ductless systems aren’t impervious to problems like leaking.

Dirty Air Filters and Leaky Ductless Systems

Dirty air filters are among the most common causes of leaking in ductless HVAC systems. Unlike central HVAC air filters that only require replacement every 30 to 90 days, ductless AC filters need monthly cleaning.

You need to inspect and clean these components every two to four weeks. As per your owner’s manual, you should replace them yearly.

Heavy buildup of filter debris inhibits airflow. It also leads to dirty evaporator coils. When debris-covered evaporator coils ice over, they’ll eventually form pools of water as they thaw.

Clogged Condensate Drains and Cracked Condensate Pans

Like central air conditioners, ductless systems extract excess humidity from the indoor air during operation. This moisture condenses and flows out of homes via condensate drains. These drains can get blocked by an overgrowth of biologics, which cause water to spill out onto the floor.

Your ductless system might be leaking if it has a cracked or corroded condensate pan. These pans catch and hold condensate before it drains out. If they’re dropped or their bottoms rust, they may need replacing.

Insufficient Maintenance

In addition to a dirty filter, your ductless system might have buildups of debris in other areas if you haven’t scheduled preventive maintenance services in a while. While furnaces and ACs need professional maintenance just once each year, ductless heat pumps that work year-round need tune-ups twice annually

Refrigerant Leaks

Your ductless system might have a refrigerant leak. Common signs of ductless refrigerant leaks include light-brown, champagne-like bubbles on evaporator coils, icing, hissing sounds and diminished heating and cooling abilities. The only way to accurately diagnose and resolve refrigerant leaks is by scheduling ductless repair services.

If your ductless system is leaking, contact Birkhead Co. now for ductless mini-split services in La Grange, KY. Let us be your reliable heating and cooling contractor.

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